ORAI Raises INR 6.5 Cr In Pre-Series A Funding

ORAI, a conversational AI platform, has raised INR 6.5 crore in a Pre-Series A round headed by Inflection Point Ventures, one of India’s most well-known angel investment platforms.

ORAI is solving a major problem by providing 100 percent AI-powered automation with all advanced capabilities in a single bot that handles all customer care, customer outreach, customer engagement, marketing, sales support, and post-sales services. WhatsApp commerce has also been added to the platform, which automates business talks over WhatsApp using AI.

Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, ORAI, says, “As IPV continues to show trust in our business growth, with the 2nd round led by the Platform, we are all set to expand our operations nationally and internationally. With WhatsApp Commerce becoming the biggest demand in the industry, ORAI has received multiple appreciations from customers for its high tech, high performing platform.

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