AiDash acquires farming solutions company Neurafarms.ai

Neurafarms.ai, a developer of geospatial and AI-powered farming solutions, has been purchased by AiDash, a leading provider of satellite- and AI-powered operations, maintenance, and sustainability solutions. AiDash will benefit from the purchase of Neurafarms.ai by strengthening its product line and adding key talent to its high-performing staff.

Bhavesh Patidar, co-founder of Neurafarms.ai and leader of the start-data up’s science breakthroughs, will join the AiDash team. He’ll work to improve AiDash’s Disaster and Disruptions Management System (DDMS), which helps businesses better predict, identify, and respond to disasters. Dr. Anil Singh, the head of research and development of Neurafarms.ai, will join AiDash as a Remote Sensing Scientist. He’ll be in charge of expanding the company’s research and development efforts to analyse data from remote sensing devices and apply it to industry concerns.

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