XRHealth Secures $10M in Funding to Expand Virtual Reality Healthcare Treatment in the Metaverse

XRHealth, the gateway to the healthcare metaverse,  announced today that they raised $10M in funding to expand virtual healthcare treatment in the Metaverse. The funding was backed by HTC, Bridges Israel impact investment fund, AARP, and crowdfunding on StartEngine.com and existing investors.

Together, we’re taking the next step in growing the open ecosystem and providing greater access to care while reducing costs. Interoperability is key and working with XRHealth opens a world of possibilities in using technology for good,” said Cher Wang, HTC Co-Founder and Chairwoman.

In a recent McKinsey report, the economic opportunity of virtual healthcare is presented as a possible quarter trillion dollar market. Virtual treatment rooms provide further opportunities for clinicians to expand their business, improve access for patients to receive care, and creates the simplicity and comfort for users to engage in therapeutic treatment from the comfort of their home. As a pioneer of virtual healthcare treatment, XRHealth is creating a major imprint on the healthcare metaverse presence by expanding their accessibility to patients worldwide, connecting patients with treating clinicians.

XRHealth is putting Virtual Clinics into users’ pockets at a critical time in the changing landscape of the medical delivery and the technology industry,” says Eran Orr, Chief Executive Officer of XRHealth. “We are leveraging these changes to create a new form of healthcare that is accessible at any time of day, from any location in the virtual environment of the metaverse, where treatment can be personalized and adjusted based on real-time analytics.”

Widely covered by insurance providers XRHealth’s virtual clinics inclusively improves access to quality care and enhances the efficacy of healthcare treatment,” says Gal Hayut, Managing Partner at Bridges Israel and a member on XRHealth’s board. “As an impact-tech investor we see the company’s growth, positive clinical results alongside high patients’ satisfaction as an indication of its tangible impact on patients’ wellbeing.”

XRHealth’s platform is FDA and CE registered and provides an immersive experience for users, transporting them to a virtual world for comprehensive therapeutic care. Patient care is covered by Medicare and is available under most major insurance providers.

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