Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal donates entire $90 mn of vested ESOPs

Deepinder Goyal, co-founder and CEO of online food aggregator and delivery platform Zomato, has announced that he will donate the whole revenues from the vesting of some of his employee stock option plans (ESOPs) to the Zomato Future Foundation (ZFF).

Goyal received some ESOPs before Zomato went public last year, and some of them vested last month, according to Goyal.

He also stated that the charity will receive 100% of the proceeds from this ESOP vesting cycle.

Zomato Foundation funds the education of up to two children of all Zomato delivery partners. For partners who have been with the company for more than five years, this implies up to Rs 50,000 per child every year. If the delivery partner stays with the organisation for ten years, the payment will be increased to Rs 1 lakh. In the event of sad events such as accidents, ZFF also provides higher education scholarships, special programmes for girl children, and livelihood help for the families of its delivery partners.

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