Lending company Kissht raises $80 Mn in Funding

Kissht, a consumer financing platform, raised $80 million in a new round headed by Vertex Growth and the Brunei Investment Agency. The financing included existing investors Vertex Ventures SEA India and Endiya Partners. \

Kissht was founded in 2015 to give new to credit customers with a quick line of credit for small business transactions and small ticket size personal loans based on powerful data analytics (Kissht score). It has over 3000 retail shops and more than 50 internet storefronts in more than 40 Indian cities.

According to the firm, it has about 3.2 million users on its platform, with more than half of them using it on a monthly basis.

According to Kissht, the company would use the new funds to improve its product design, scale up card issuances to 10 million in the next 12-18 months, expand its book size, and improve its technology backend.

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