LTFLoW – The Technology Division of LoanTap named Industry Veteran Gautam Sinha as CEO

LTFloW – the technology focussed division of LoanTap named  Gautam Sinha as the Chief Executive Officer on 9th June 2022. Prior to this, Mr. Sinha was marking his time as Senior Vice President of LTFLoW, the technology division of LoanTap.

 Gautam Sinha is an industry expert and has over two decades of experience, in responsible positions in organizations like Infosys, HCL, and Edgeverve to name a few. He has been instrumental in bringing about major innovations within LoanTap and has been actively involved in bringing operational efficiency to the organisation.  Mr. Sinha specializes in digital transformations, innovation and building components which help to homogenize and augment business processes for development. His deep-rooted knowledge and experience in product development, managing large size programs, goal-oriented project-planning and executions and defining strategies for continuous improvement has been a key asset for the organisation. Mr. Sinha is skilled in devising and implementing strategies that boost brand awareness, value and growth. He has been instrumental in developing some of the best financial solutions in the world.

Speaking on his appointment as the CEO of LTFLoW,  Gautam Sinha said, “It brings me immense pleasure to have been given the opportunity of Chief Executive Officer of LTFLoW. I am really looking forward to this role. Tech enabling is the backbone of every business today as it widens the scope of every business and in a post pandemic world this is exceptionally important. With technology at its heart, we are looking at transforming every transaction and every process to get more efficient, seamless and hassle-free. Our customers are our motivation and we at LTFLoW understand that financial inclusion is only going to be possible when we digitise the entire process and make it beneficial for them. Business transformation towards growth has always been key and in my new role, my aim will be to mobilise the team and continue with our pursuit of impactful customer experience.”

Based in Pune, His  responsibility will involve working towards the functioning of and executing all projects at hand of LTFLoW. He will be responsible for business growth and build upon the company’s success in growing client participation and meeting commitments. He will be working towards the operational perspective of the organisation. Mr. Sinha, who has worked at many renowned ventures will be responsible for the smooth functioning of LTFLoW and lend his knowledge and astute governing skills as a tech expert to the growth of this independent division.

Speaking on the appointment, Satyam Kumar, Founder and CEO of LoanTap said, “Gautam is not just an industry insider, but his experience and knowledge makes him one of the biggest assets to the industry. We are extremely proud to have him as a part of the Leadership team. His expertise and leadership are sure to guide the company towards heightened customer success and create new products that will take this space to a whole new level.”

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