AI-based Computer Vision Platform Awiros Raises $7 Mn Funding

Gurugram-based Awiros, a deep-tech startup that creates a computer vision platform based on AI mostly for video processing, has raised $7 million in investment.

Vikram Gupta and Yatin Kavishwar co-founded Awiros in 2015. Vikram holds a PhD in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. His main topic of study during his PhD was the design of a middleware for many embedded applications, which served as the inspiration and foundation for the creation of Awiros. Yatin is a seasoned executive with corporate leadership expertise who has worked with AppDynamics, Citrix, Cisco, IBM, and the government, enterprise, and public sectors.

Awiros provides a marketplace of Video AI “Apps” that enables its users to choose and swiftly deploy the best technological solutions. According to numerous research reports, the market for video AI solutions in automation, safety, and process monitoring is anticipated to reach USD 27 billion by 2030.

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