Scaler Partners with a leading Creative Agency, The Womb, To Disrupt Tech Education Landscape

Scaler (by InterviewBit), one of India’s fastest-growing tech upskilling start-ups, today announced its partnership with The Womb, a leading Brand & Creative agency, to build an impactful and differentiated brand position and strengthen Scaler’s leadership in the tech education space.

The agency will collaborate with Scaler and foster the brand’s propositions with innovative and robust communication narratives. Scaler recently launched a campaign for the Data Science Product with The Womb on a massive scale and is geared up for more such mega campaigns in the coming year.

The Womb falls under the top 3 independent agencies in the world by WARC rankings, and the most effective Independent Agency by APAC EFFIES.  The Womb combines creativity with business consulting thinking, which aligns with how Scaler aims to pivot the branding and business needle. Over the last seven years in India, the Womb team has created iconic challenger brands that have radically altered multiple business categories.

We are thrilled to partner with The Womb to strengthen our foothold in the edtech ecosystem. We have been doing some really exciting work at Scaler and have several more product launches in the pipeline for the community. With this integrated collaboration, we look forward to creating some great and iconic brand campaigns and disrupting the tech learning space in India and overseas.” said Rahul Karthikeyan, Chief Marketing Officer, Scaler and Interviewbit.

“The womb seamlessly aligns with our set of ideologies and brand propositions at this juncture of our growth, and we are confident this partnership will help anchor our communication & creative strategy across platforms through strategic storytelling“, He added.

Kawal Shoor, Founding Partner, The Womb, said, “Businesses of all sizes and across categories are going digital and are heavily banking on technology for its success, putting professionals in fields like software development, data science and business analytics in high demand. The worlds of business and technology are constantly changing the choice of career paths, and this is where a new-age education brand like Scaler has unique opportunities. As with any young brand and business, getting it right early is crucial for transformative growth. This challenge has escalated significantly with the ever-changing landscape of online education. And this is where we step in. The team at Scaler believes in doing things that have never been done before. So it was a great fit with what we believe and the work we create.”

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