Offsite Raises $3 Million To Reconnect Remote and Hybrid Companies

Offsite, the marketplace and tech-enabled services provider saving time, money, and stress for remote and hybrid companies planning team retreats, today announced it has raised $3 million to help create more connected workforces through in-person experiences.

Since launching in 2021, Offsite has planned hundreds of team retreats in over 15 countries for clients ranging from hospitals to hedge funds, focused primarily on supporting startups such as LinkSquares, Airbyte, Metabase, 15Five, mParticle, Flex, and Rattle, as well as communities like Hampton, YPO, and LifeLabs Learning, and venture capital firms such as Greylock.

Offsites and team retreats are an exploding niche in a corporate travel market expected to surpass $500 billion by 2030. Demand for venues that can host all-hands meetings, department-level meetings, executive team retreats, sales kickoffs, and other types of “offsites” continues to rise. Offsite is uniquely positioned to serve a wide range of organizers who plan company events with their mix of end-to-end service and software.

Leading investors to-date include Forum Ventures and Automattic, with significant contributions from Right Side Capital, Integral, Splash Capital, and Genius Ventures. Over 60 angel investors have also participated including co-founders and CEOs from Remote, Vendr, Convene, 15Five, Gainsight, and ChartMogul, as well as domain experts like top executives from Airbnb, HubSpot, and Pendo.

Jared Kleinert, Offsite’s Founder and CEO, was one of the first ten employees at 15Five, one of the leading employee engagement and retention platforms. Kleinert later became an award-winning author, TED speaker, and organizer of quarterly summits for New York Times bestselling authors, VC-backed startup founders, and other successful small business owners. As a result of these various experiences Kleinert found himself attending, speaking at, and facilitating offsites around the world over a decade leading up to the pandemic.

Kleinert shared, “During the pandemic, I was betting the decades-long shift to more decentralized workforces would accelerate, meaning the number of offsites planned by remote and hybrid teams in particular would grow exponentially (and the importance of those offsites would increase dramatically as a result). To-date, no one has developed a true ‘one stop shop’ experience to solve the logistical challenges of planning offsites or team retreats. After a couple years, we’ve developed a growing community of clients, partners, team members, and investors who believe in our vision for what a successful marketplace and platform could become in this space – which is both humbling and exciting!”

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