Wipro and Pure Storage Join Forces to Drive Sustainability in Data Storage

Wipro Limited, a renowned technology services and consulting company, has joined forces with Pure Storage, a leading provider of enterprise data storage solutions, to propel clients on their sustainability journey through the power of technology. The objective is to empower customers to create a more sustainable data center footprint by adopting efficient strategies that minimize environmental impact.

Drawing upon their collective sustainability and technological expertise, Wipro and Pure Storage will integrate industry best practices into clients’ technology infrastructure, guided by global standards. The focus will be on enhancing overall data center efficiency, reducing direct carbon emissions in data storage systems, and improving power efficiency.

Another crucial aspect of the partnership’s impact will revolve around e-waste reduction. Rather than following the conventional method of replacing entire systems during hardware upgrades, the approach will prioritize continual upgrades of various components. This approach fosters resource efficiency and contributes to a circular economy by extending the lifecycle of technology assets. Together, Wipro FullStride Cloud and Pure Storage are committed to driving sustainable technology solutions that make a positive difference for businesses and the environment.

As an example, Wipro’s Sustainable Technology & Impact intelligence solutions provide visibility and valuable insights into critical infrastructure by monitoring and managing assets Impact.

Stephanie Trautman, Chief Growth Officer, Wipro Limited, said, “Customers today are looking for sustainable technology infrastructure. Together with Pure Storage, we’re helping to meet this need in the area of data storage and in data centers. Our approach involves assessing, identifying, implementing, and monitoring sustainable technologies that optimize resource utilization and manage down waste, emissions, and energy impacts.”

“Pure and Wipro have a shared vision for sustainability, where organizations are able to dramatically decrease their environmental impact without compromising IT performance or experience. We are proud to partner with Wipro to help our joint customers achieve their sustainability goals.” said Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO, Pure Storage.

Jo Debecker, Global Head of Wipro FullStride Cloud, said “Working with Pure Storage’s solutions as the cornerstone of a hybrid cloud storage strategy, we recently helped a joint customer improve application performance, reduce storage costs, enhance data protection and disaster recovery capabilities while reducing data center storage footprint and carbon emissions by over 90%. Together, Wipro and Pure Storage can be a true transformation and strategic partner for enterprises today.”

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