ZYBER 365 Raises $100M in Series A Funding, Becomes Unicorn

ZYBER 365, a promising Web3 startup, has achieved a major milestone by raising $100 million in its Series A funding round, led by UK-based SRAM & MRAM Group. This significant investment has valued the startup at an impressive $1.2 billion, earning it the prestigious unicorn status, as reported by multiple media outlets.

Founded in May 2023 by Pearl Kapur and Sunny Vaghela, ZYBER 365 is headquartered in London and operates from its base in India. With this remarkable infusion of funds, the startup has achieved the status of India’s and Asia’s fastest unicorn company in a remarkable span of just three months, according to media reports.

At the core of ZYBER 365’s offerings is a decentralized and cyber-secured operating system, powered by blockchain technology. This innovative system seamlessly combines the capabilities of cybersecurity and AI, providing a robust foundation for various applications.

The startup’s website outlines an array of cutting-edge Web3 products, including Layer-0, Layer-1, and Layer-2 blockchains, decentralized identities, data analytics, software development kit, web browser, NFT marketplace, and ICO (Initial Coin Offering). These products can be utilized individually or collectively to create a comprehensive Web3 ecosystem tailored to specific user requirements.

Notably, ZYBER 365 is also introducing a groundbreaking Stablecoin, which leverages AI-powered stabilization techniques to closely track synthetic indices. This unique initiative brings together AI technology and traditional algorithms within an open-source and permissionless protocol. The Stablecoin is designed to exhibit low volatility and relatively low correlation with both fiat currencies and crypto assets, including Bitcoin.

The Series A funding round, led by SRAM & MRAM Group, attracted significant investments from other prominent investors, underscoring the growing confidence in ZYBER 365’s potential and its promising growth trajectory.

It is worth mentioning that earlier this year, SRAM & MRAM Group had also announced a substantial USD 3.64 billion (₹2 Lakh crore) investment in a semiconductor fab in Odisha, further solidifying its commitment to the technology sector.

With this massive funding infusion and its innovative offerings, ZYBER 365 is poised to make a significant impact in the Web3 space, further establishing its position as a trailblazer in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized technology.

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