FarMart Launches Saudabook, India’s First Tech Solution for Food Processors

FarMart, India’s fastest-growing intelligent food supply network, is proud to announce the launch of its tech platform, Saudabook. In a bold step towards the modernization of the country’s food sector, FarMart is opening its own ERP (FarMartOS) to all food processors and manufacturers in India. Saudabook is India’s first and only technology solution that caters specifically to the food processing and manufacturing sector.

India’s food manufacturing sector has faced persistent challenges such as limited automation, complex supply chains, and distribution issues. With over 3 million food processing businesses, many of which are multi-generational family-owned enterprises, this sector contributes significantly to a $500 billion market. Despite the industry’s growth driven by rising domestic consumption and expanding export opportunities, there has been limited tech adoption and automation.

FarMart’s Saudabook aims to transform this scenario by offering its easy-to-use platform, facilitating the digitization of the entire workflow for food processors. By adopting intelligent procurement processes through Saudabook, businesses can achieve enhanced quality and delivery controls, enabling them to keep pace with the dynamic industry demands.

As an industry leader, FarMart has built data and commerce products to establish a direct farm-to-business supply chain of high-quality and verified agri-produce. It boasts a robust network of 3.2 million farmers, 250,000 village-level aggregators who sell produce on the platform, and 2000+ processors and large food businesses that purchase from the platform. With Saudabook these linkages between India’s food manufacturing industry and India’s farming communities become even stronger.

On this launch, Alekh Sanghera, Co-founder and CEO, FarMart said “With SaudaBook, we envision an inclusive and prosperous food economy, where every stakeholder benefits from technological advancements. We firmly believe that digitization holds the key to doubling the food and agriculture contribution to our economy, elevating farmer incomes, and ensuring the world’s access to safe and nutritious food.”

Dharmendra Jain, President, UP Roller Flour Millers Association said “The food processing industry is presently highly fragmented and is gradually moving towards digital adoption. I am eagerly looking forward to Saudabook, as this technology has the potential to unlock immense value and make our industry more globally competitive. Given FarMart’s impressive track record in establishing a pan-India sourcing network, Saudabook will undoubtedly elevate their commitment to Make in India to new heights.”

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