Terra Food Co. Raises $800K in Pre-Series A Funding

Terra Food Co. (TFC), a trailblazing gourmet cloud kitchen company, has achieved a remarkable milestone by raising $800,000 in its Pre-Series A funding round. This funding was secured from an esteemed group of investors, including Zero to One Fund, Twin & Bull Fund, ah! Ventures, and various international angel investors. Notably, existing investors like Lets Venture, Faad Network, and The Chennai Angels also showed their unwavering belief in TFC’s growth and potential by participating in this round.

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Sriram Nair, TFC commenced its journey in Ahmedabad back in 2019. Its roots trace back to Sriram Nair’s café and flagship store, Terra, which introduced Ahmedabad to the innovative farm-to-table concept in 2017. Leveraging the success of Terra’s dine-in restaurant, TFC ventured into the cloud kitchen domain with a mission to bring niche and gourmet cuisine formats to underserved Tier 2 cities at affordable price points. This move aligns perfectly with their goal of revolutionizing the culinary landscape in such regions.

Sriram Nair added, “With a strong focus on Tier 2 markets, TFC has witnessed remarkable growth, currently processing an impressive monthly volume of 26,000 orders and generating a monthly recurring revenue of over INR 1 crore. Bolstered by this recent funding, TFC plans to double its revenue by November 2023, capitalizing on its existing kitchen facilities.”

With the successful completion of the Pre-Series A funding round, TFC is now poised to accelerate its business expansion, enhance its brand portfolio, invest in cutting-edge food technology and product development, and grow its talented team. Looking ahead, the company is gearing up for its Series A funding, projected to be finalized by the end of the financial year, further propelling its growth trajectory.

As a multichannel food company, TFC adeptly harnesses both online and offline platforms to cater to the burgeoning aspirations and disposable income of consumers in Tier 2 cities. Its diverse brand portfolio, featuring names like Terra Gourmet, Sushito, Zeus Burger, Noodle Van, Aho Punjab, Pickup Meals, JaaniMaani Biryani, Papadum, and Hiit Meals, has been warmly received in markets where gourmet cuisine options were previously limited.

Looking to the future, TFC has ambitious expansion plans, targeting other Tier 2 cities such as Baroda, Surat, Jodhpur, Indore, and Bhopal over the next two quarters. The company’s vision is to establish itself as a pioneering force in accessible and convenient gourmet dining, employing unique pickup and cloud kitchen models that redefine the way Indians order and savor food online.

Investors are optimistic about TFC’s potential and its ability to tap into the vast opportunities offered by Tier 2 markets, where the demand for gourmet cuisines remains untapped and full of promise. As TFC continues its mission to revolutionize the culinary landscape in India, its future looks promising and filled with potential.

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